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About your therapist, Sadie Lenton

Simply Define is owned and run by Sadie Lenton.

Sadie Lenton

Sade Lenton

Sadie has relevant qualifications in Anatomy & Physiology, Laser Core Knowledge and Sports Coaching (trampolining), along with 9 years experience of working in the leisure and fitness industry at Budmouth. She has been a qualified first aider for 9 years and has developed a good working knowledge of health and nutrition from working alongside fitness instructors and personal trainers over the years. Sadie has access to many health, fitness & medical professionals who can provide advice and answers to issues if she can’t!

Sadie has two grown-up children, so has first-hand experience of the difficulties women face regaining their shape after pregnancy, along with the issues and concerns that come hand-in-hand with the ageing process for both men and women.

Sadie freely regales the fact that the idea of Simply Define was born out of her own ‘mid-life crisis’, which was triggered from that fateful day that we all experience when we look in the mirror and realise that age has suddenly taken over! She has a strong interest in all anti-ageing developments and body-shaping procedures and believes that everyone should have the choice to be the best that they can be – not just the rich and famous. Her aim is to make the treatments accessible to as many people as possible, by keeping the prices as low as possible, whilst still using top quality products.

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