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Mr S, Weymouth

Definitely reduced my beer belly in a few weeks (eight session course), which had taken me many years of hard drinking to produce :-)

Miss B, Weymouth

After meeting Sadie and hearing about this non invasive, realistic service I had to try it. As a fitness instructor I only had a small amount of body fat on my midriff but was eager to see if it would work. I am happy to say I did lose some centimetres in only 30 minutes and felt comfortable and even energised from the whole experience.

Following the session I exercised by taking my two classes and drunk plenty of water as advised. Sadie is an honest, knowledgeable lady who is genuine about making you feel better in your own skin.

Mr J, Weymouth

It works, you don’t feel a thing and there are no side effects or recovery time needed. The results speak for themselves!

Miss G, Weymouth

I have been treated by Sadie for a few weeks now and am very pleased with the results so far. It is always a pleasure to have the sessions, as Sadie is very professional and a lovely person who makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. Initially I thought I would be embarrassed having this done, but it definitely was not the case once I got there and started speaking to her. I would definitely recommend to a friend and anyone else interested. 10/10 for results and experience.

Mrs T, Weymouth

I was very sceptical about the possibility of losing weight simply by having some paddles laid on top of my body. However, I am totally converted to the process and will certainly continue to use it. I couldn’t possibly have imagined how effective the results would be. I was hoping to slim into a dress for a Christmas Ball, but ended up having to buy a new dress as the other one was too big! Amazing results. Even after the first session, I felt a difference.

By the end of the 4th session I was taking a closer look at my diet and exercise regime. Losing the centimetres really inspired me to focus on a healthier lifestyle. I dropped over a dress size (29cm total combined loss, over 3 abdominal measurements, after 10 treatments) and had so much more energy, all without any side effects. You do need to exercise after each session, but this also helps with the feel good factor. Sadie really encouraged me to get into the gym and was able to recommend different exercise classes also, which were maybe more interesting than going to the gym alone. Sadie has a great personality which just helps you keep at it!

Mrs C, Weymouth

I didn’t believe I would see results that quickly but I lost 7cm on the 1st Session! – Fab!

Miss B, Weymouth

I have a very healthy diet and I exercise 5 days a week. No matter how small I’ve got, I’ve always carried excess fat on my lower abdominals. Simply Define is the only thing that has ever given me the flat abs I’ve been after. I had my sessions over the worst period to lose weight – at Xmas. Even with all the Xmas parties I still lost 5cm from the widest part of my tummy. Highly recommended!

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